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How to Help Bees in the Fall

We know that planting native wildflowers is the best and most effective way to help save the bees, but what about when the weather turns colder and planting is no longer possible?

Fall is the perfect time to collect and save wildflower seeds from the garden for re-planting. Perennial wildflower seeds can be immediately re-planted in early fall, but annual wildflower seeds should be saved for spring planting to ensure success.

Second, when cleaning out the garden, it's actually helpful for pollinators if you're able to leave some of the tall grasses and dead wildflower stalks still standing. Many bees and butterflies use those bushy spots as winter shelter. As an added benefit, tall dried out stalks of sunflower or coneflower will attract songbirds throughout the winter months, even when pollinators are fast asleep.

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